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05 January 2014 @ 06:13 pm
Title: Pleasures of Country Life
Author: jarithka
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/Ueda Tatsuya
Beta: kyjr
Rating: NC-17
Genre: country&beast AU, humour, romantic
Warnings: cursing, sexual content, Kanjani appearing
Word count: 13.817
Summary: Nishikido Ryo accepts the things life gives him. He’s not dissatisfied that he has less than others, because sometimes the less is sometimes more. He’s enjoying his long and peaceful holiday on his farm when life drops something into his lap that he doesn’t expect. This something - or rather someone – who has cat ears and a tail.
A/N: Written for je_holiday's 2013 Exchange, originally posted here.
I wrote this fanfiction for the greatest ryoda lover, floppy_snoopi ♥ It was a great fun writing this and a great experience taking a part of this exchange :D I'm quite proud of this fanfiction so I hope you'll enjoy it.
I got a great help from Amy who beta-ed the story for me and didn't let me give up, I couldn't make it without her so thak you so much~!

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The unwelcome guest has the biggest brown eyes Ryo has ever seen, framed by long eyelashes, and these eyes sit in the middle of a beautiful, perfect face. Collapse )
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17 August 2013 @ 08:37 pm
Title: Take Over
Author: marlenem & jarithka
Pairings/Characters: Tatsuya/Kazuya
Beta: meikimari
Rating: NC-17
Genre: painter AU, dark, humour, romantic
Warnings: some swearing, mention of violence, drunk scenes
Word count: 30.890
Summary: Ueda Tatsuya’s a beginner painter trying get his name known. Kamenashi Kazuya is a famous artist looking for a partner in his next projects. He meets Ueda Tatsuya. They are far from a perfect match.
A/N: Written for je_devilorangel’s 2012 Devil or Angel Exchange, originally posted here.
We are very proud of this with marlenem, it’s one of our best kameda fanfictions :D It was written a year ago but we couldn’t decide where we should post it – until now. Thank you so much for those wonderful people who left comments for us at the community of Devil or Angel and who liked the story ♥
A/N.2: Thank you, yumemirunosekai, for this damn amazing banner ♥ She made it after reading the story and it's a big honour for us to use it, thank you! :)

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Kamenashi knew that the boy was strange, but when he sees the mentioned kid in his living painting room, wearing grey sweat pants and a sleeveless black shirt, which is entirely dirty and plastered with dried paint, he can’t figure out what he should feel – laugh or cry at the sight.Collapse )
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17 August 2013 @ 08:27 pm
part twoCollapse )